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Real Money Games India App

Real Money Games India App – Home » Games » Ludo » Ludo App Download for Android and iOS – Play and win real money

Ludo is one of India’s most popular board games. You can play Ludo on different media like cloth, slate and board. In fact, you can now play Ludo online by downloading the Ludo app and even win real money!

Real Money Games India App

Real Money Games India App

But where to download Ludo game app? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. This article is about ludo game and where and how to download real money app.

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Ludo is a board game that has its origins in ancient India. Named Chaupar or Chausar in the 16th century, it was played with sixteen pieces, three dice and a cross-shaped board (usually made of cloth). Alfred Collier patented the modern Ludo game in England in 1896. However, Pachisi was its original name before it was renamed Ludo (in India).

Basically, Ludo is a dice game that can be played for two to four players. Each player’s chip in ludo is a different color, usually red, blue, yellow and green. Ludo is a board game that has its origins in ancient India. Named Chaupar or Chausar in the 16th century, it was played with sixteen pieces, three dice and a cross-shaped board (usually made of cloth).

When you play Ludo online, the rules and gameplay are slightly changed. Let’s see how playing online Ludo is different from playing classic ludo.

In Ludo online game, the dice are rolled by touching them. As a result, the numbers are completely random and the players cannot cheat. In physical games, however, the dice are rolled by hand. Therefore, the numbers can be manipulated as the player rolls the dice.

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The real cash ludo game is RNG certified to ensure that the numbers are random. Ludo games also have RNG certificate to maintain fair play. You can check RNG certificate of ludo games here.

The online version of Ludo allows you to play with many online players at your leisure. In online multiplayer mode, you can play with a known random player online. On the contrary, in a normal game of ludo, you have to join the game.

Because players have to roll the dice and make moves within the time limit, playing ludo online is fast and just a click away. On the other hand, offline classic ludo games take a long time because each player spends their time rolling the dice and doing tasks.

Real Money Games India App

You can choose from many tournaments (free and paid) and online ludo games and compete for big prizes. However, playing with real money is prohibited in classic ludo because it is not regulated. Most people just play offline ludo without spending real money.

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As Ludo grows in popularity online, new players can go to the game looking for Ludo app downloads to pass the time. Fortunately, several online ludo apps are now available for download from the Play Store, App Store, and various official and third-party websites. You can download and install Ludo app apk on your smartphone for free from this source.

Also, some online ludo apps play real money games, where you can win up to Rs. 10 million monthly! Regarding bonuses, you can try downloading the Ludo app, which also has bonuses for signing up. Also, when you invite your friends to play in Ludo app, you also get more referrals. isn’t it exciting? Keep reading to know how to download ludo app.

There are many popular android apps to play online ludo game. But which Ludo app download is suitable for your Android device?

Play three different Ludo game modes that provide a new, exciting and faster way to play the Ludo board game. Each game is unique and can help you win up to Rs.10 lakhs in monthly winnings!

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If you want to play ludo games, you need to download apk first. Here’s how:

There are less ludo games available for download on iOS platform. Fortunately, Apple users will not be disappointed, because the most popular ludo game is also available on the iOS platform. However, only Ludo Supreme game is available for iOS!

After downloading Ludo app from, it is time to explore and play Ludo online with real money satisfaction.

Real Money Games India App

, one of the best online ludo apps, has three different online ludo games where you can win real money: Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja and Ludo Turbo. Each game has its own rules and ways to play, so we must learn how to play them so that we have a chance to win. Let’s go through the stages of each game separately.

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One way to win the online ludo game is to count your chips against your opponent’s chips. Check out this article to know 15 Ludo tricks that will help you always win the game online.

That’s right. Ludo game is free to download from the app. All Android and iOS users can download the app and start playing ludo games. Download Ludo Ninja apk, Ludo Turbo apk and Ludo Supreme apk and iOS files.

There are many APKs for online gambling available today. is one of the best to play real money apk games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Carrom and Trump Cards.

The Ludo app is the best game for playing online ludo games to earn money or improve your skills with free practice games. Moreover, it is safe and legal, with customer support available 24×7.

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That’s right. Ludo is a brain game that develops intelligence by requiring you to make decisions and solve problems.

That’s right. Online ludo play is safe as long as you don’t play on any cheats. is a well known app and it is 100% safe to play Ludo. Do you want to earn real money by playing in India? Looking for the best authentic place to do so? Don’t worry; We have the best real money games for you here. Today games like Rummy, Ludo and Chess can help you earn real money. In this article we will show you the best Ludo games for real money and much more.

1. Genesis Casino – As the name suggests, this is one of the best games to make money online. You can play games like poker and monopoly (live) easily there.

Real Money Games India App

2. Ludo League- This is a really interesting Ludo game. You can have more than 500,000 players compete in this interactive game. You have a chance to win millions of cash prizes every day by playing.

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3. RummyPassion- If you are a card lover and just want to show your skills and earn money by playing cards, this is what you need on your smartphone. You can join and play with other players using different memberships. The game helps you win real money.

4. My11Circle- This is one of the most famous games in India. The game is still in the most popular downloaded section of the app store. It is a game where you have to use your tactical skills to build a team by selecting players. This real money game will help you win big with ease.

5. Bodog- Bodog is a casino game that can help you win money. There are games like Teen Patti which is one of the best in India. Even more board games are available. You don’t need to download the game, you can play online. The choice is 1000 games, so you can choose freely.

6. Funbet- This is a game that has many games. If you are a sports fan and want to play games for money, this is one of the best things you can get. Sports like football, golf, basketball, tennis and more are available at Funbet. You get 24*7 customer support, so you can be sure of your money.

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7. Parimatch- Parimatch is one of the oldest games in India and you can be sure to win real money with the app. Parimatch currently has more than 2 million users. You register and get 8000 rupees in your account for free in the app.

8. Royal Panda – The app has everything from jackpots to incredible activities. It is a very popular and fun casino game. You can play this game on desktop, which helps you control the image quality. The platform helps you win and cash out easily.

9. LeoVegas- Live Casino with roulette makes the game interactive. You can be sure that you will have fun and win a lot of money from the platform. It is also a betting app and you have to bet

Real Money Games India App

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