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Play Top

Play Top – These are the three games my first grader regularly plays at school. Every day she drops a sweater, a bag of marbles and her wooden spinning top in her bag. La Toupie, La Corde a Sauter, Leigh Billes. La peonza, la combo, las canicas.

Between classes they speak French and Spanish. She speaks Spanish with two of her friends, and French with her other friend. All children are bilingual; Trilingual if you count Catalan. The game names are in French and Spanish.

Play Top

Play Top

They share the terrace with the older children, some of whom are very good at one or more games. My daughter says she watches the big kids play pinball or marbles and learn. Then she plays with her own friends. I myself went to school in Moscow, Russia, and as a child I never played with marbles or tops. So I’m starting from scratch here. My daughter showed me how to play marbles and we manage to play it at home. However, I can’t make the top roll as it should be. Yesterday we had guests and they were able to show my daughter how to do the top roll. In Spain, children’s games at school have not changed in recent decades. Everyone can play marbles, spin and jump rope. I thought it was pretty cool.

Santa’s Workshop Play Pack

I enjoy the games the children play at school. Every day my six year old shows me the new marbles she won from her friends, she raves about the colored crystal balls. The accounts. She admires children who can jump a rope 20 times in a row or who can do the top roll and then pick it up on their palm while still moving. For whatever reason, I thought kids don’t play these games anymore. And now I am in awe as my first little one, already dressed in her boots and winter coat, runs back to her room because she left her bag of marbles next to her pillow.

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